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2015: "Get It On With You"
(7" Vinyl EP)
Langusta AND023
Side A: Get It On With You*
Side B: 1. Nothing To Share*
2. Love Me (Marty Lott)

2014: "Supergroup" (CD)
Langusta AND022
1. Get It On With You*
2. Love Me (Marty Lott)
3. She Said Yeah (Sonny Christy/Roddy Jackson)
4. Nothing To Share*
5. Honey White (Mark Sandman)
6. Hollywood Babylon (Glen Danzig)
7. Late Last Night (Paul Anka)
8. Brand New Cadillac (Vincent Taylor)

2012: "Flipside Of The Coin / I Want You" (Vinyl 7")
Langusta AND011.2
Side A: Flipside Of The Coin*
Side B: I Want You*

2012: "Flipside Of The Coin" (Digital EP)
Langusta AND011.1
1. Flipside Of The Coin*
2. I Want You*
3. The Left Hand*
4. Bird Dogging (Keith Colley)
5. Trick Bag (Earl King)
(Available on itunes etc.)
* original compositions